CMR, Inc


Big Data, Events Registration, B2B


If you have ever been to such conferences as American College of Medical Genetics, American Diabetes Association, and Genomics or Semicon West, you have certainly used CMR’s portal to register for the event. CMR powers the event and hotel registration system for most of the conventions, symposiums, and other big events in the country.

Considering the extensive and unique structure of every event, the registration system needs to address those needs with a seamless modular structure for event organizations to integrate it into their event website.

Due to the complexity of the each event’s needs presents, the interaction design required a ground-up design thinking approach to address intuitive engagement flow.


There are two unique use cases that are equally important. That of the client (the event planner) and that of the end user (event registrant).

To address the event planners use case, a “vanilla” visual design that lends itself to intricate customization to match the event requirements (such as event schedules, hotel registration, payments, and communication). The white label approach also enables each client to seamlessly customize it to match their brand.

The other use case is the end user. The interaction design put into consideration the variety of end-user types. The end goal is to have users of various backgrounds to easily understand the event schedule, confidently select the right events, and complete registration, which is successfully achieved with the design.

Use Cases