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Healthcare, Digital Transformation.Top 5 Healthcare Digital Transformation

The pandemic has made us acutely aware of the fragility of our social fabric in the absence of access to healthcare. 


Big Data and AnalyticsBusiness intelligence and data-driven care

Digitization naturally lends itself to data collection. When healthcare organizations digitize their services, they will be able to collect a wealth of patient and practice data. 

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IoT and WearablesPersonalized real-time care

IoT (Internet of things) are physical objects that use sensors to collect and transmit data with other devices and systems. 


TelehealthCloud-based access to quality care

Telehealth is likely the one aspect of healthcare digital transformation where by the pandemic was the catalytic event for its unprecedented adoption.


AI and Machine LearningThe wonders of automation

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are now being commonly used in the healthcare field as the way forward for delivering quality of care.


The BlockchainThermodynamic EHR security and privacy

Many find it hard to grasp that the Blockchain—the technology behind Bitcoin—will radically transform the way we store and manage electronic health records.

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